Dodge Demon Provokes Tesla Roadster Potential With A 4.5L Upgrade!

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What is there not to like about the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon? The muscle car made its debut last year and it didn’t take long for the vehicle to become the world’s fastest stock drag car around.

Several tests on the Challenger Demon has been conducted and they have all proved that the car can finish a quarter-mile challenge in under 10 seconds. But just when the Demon is about to prosper in field of drag racing, Tesla stole their thunder by teasing on the development of the next-gen Roadster.

Tesla revealed that the future Roadster is expected to make its debut next year and it will have the ability to hit 60MPH from stop in 1.9 seconds. For a preview number, this is insane and it is also something not impossible for Tesla to pull off.

Today, things got extra interesting when Hennessey Performance announced on a new tuning package for the Demon that can see the car doing 0-60MPH in 2 seconds flat. The tune basically adds in a 4.5L positive displacement supercharger and it will see the Demon developing 1,035hp.

This is crazy high and it may aspire Dodge to develop an official model with a similar tuning to stop the Tesla Roadster from getting all the glory.