Dodge Viper Misses NBR Goal, FCA Takes The Blame!

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The Dodge Viper has officially wrapped up its crowd-funded Nurburgring attempt and it saw the car clocking a respectable time of 7:01.3. It is a commendable achievement but those involved in the lap attempt still believes that the timing could be better.

It was revealed earlier today that the crew and driver are convinced that the Viper can achieve mid-6:50s timing on the Nurburgring. However, the lack of resources and support has prevented them from achieving that goal.

The statement was made on the Viper’s Facebook page and it came with the following quote:

“It’s hard not being supported by the factory in any way. We did it with YOUR gofundme contributions, tires and funds by Kumho, spare engines by Prefix (fortunately we didn’t need them), 2 complete and free cars from Viper Exchange and BJ Motors, and other generous donations by members of the Viper community.”

Well, it may be soft but a little blame is placed on Fiat-Chrysler for not offering support at the Viper’s Nurburgring campaign. Either way, the entire Vipernation deserves all the respect for standing behind the vehicle.