Don’t Follow This Chevy Camaro’s Poor Example

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It may not beat the Ford Mustang in sales, but GM has done right by the latest Chevrolet Camaro especially on the performance front. Even Mustang fans and drivers would find it difficult to disagree that the Camaro has some pretty impressive stats.

Unfortunately, being a great car won’t stop mediocre drivers from mishandling it – just look at the Ford Mustang. One of the latest instances sees a Camaro totaled thanks to the actions of an immature (literally) driver.

The image above shows a completely smashed up Camaro at the campus of Penn’s State University after a St. Patty’s Day party at a location nearby. Unsurprisingly, the driver responsible for the wreck was driving under the influence of – you guessed it – alcohol.

What makes it worse is the fact that he’s a minor, which means that even without being inebriated he still posed quite a risk behind the wheel of the vehicle. Given that the Camaro – or any pony current pony cars for that matter – doesn’t exactly have great safety ratings, he was lucky to get out of this mishap alive.