Elder Scrolls 6 Delays: Is Fallout 4 The Cause?

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Bethesda has made it clear that they have not commenced anything with Elder Scrolls 6 despite the fans expecting the game to arrive next year. This cannot be helped because the fans are predicting Elder Scrolls 6’s debut through observing the series’ release pattern.

Unfortunately, the fact that nothing is being penned down for Elder Scrolls 6 confirms that the game is unlikely to arrive next year and things will still be uncertain for 2018. It is a long delay for the fans to cope with but the wait has been made easier thanks to the arrival of Skyrim Remastered.

The remake of Skyrim for the new generation consoles is a nice gesture from Bethesda but the game developer never really explained why Elder Scrolls 6 is delayed. That was the case until today when Bethesda’s recent announcements suggests that Fallout 4 is the culprit at play.

A month ago, Bethesda expressed their strong desire to develop Fallout 4 VR and they want the game to be a simulation of the Wasteland rather than being just another massive RPG title. Bethesda remarked that virtual reality technology is already available today and while they are not perfect yet, it is enough for them to achieve this dream with Fallout 4.

The obvious says that development won’t be a walk in the park for Bethesda hence Fallout 4 VR may require up to 3 years to hop into the VR train. We don’t know about you but it sounds like Fallout 4 VR is the reason why Bethesda is pushing back Elder Scrolls 6.