Falling Honda Civic Sends Dire Warning To Mazda3

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Come Q4 this year, Mazda is expected to launch the next-gen Mazda3. The upcoming vehicle is being built based on the Kai Concept and it promises a revolutionary offering.

Even so, the sales potential for the next Mazda3 does not look too good and this is now being hinted by the Honda Civic. The tenth generation Civic came out a couple of years ago and it is a compact car which we described as revolutionary.

Despite enjoying strong sales in its first year, the declining popularity of the compact segment has led the Civic into a plunge. This year alone, Honda has sold 2.1% fewer Civics as compared to the year before.

It’s not just Honda, the cars from Toyota, Ford and even Chevrolet are on a decline. The market is just more biased towards crossovers and SUVs hence leading to the decline of the compact car segment.

This serves as a warning for Mazda as they would really need perfection with some luck to ensure good sales with the next-gen Mazda3.