FCA New EV Stance Trashes Chrysler Pacifica EV Hopes!

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The Chrysler Pacifica is truly an extraordinary minivan as the vehicle comes with an attractive design and also a hybrid powertrain. Despite having a green setup, the Pacifica Hybrid has proved that it is not a boring family hauler on the road as the vehicle can outpace the Toyota 86 on the straight line.

With such an accomplishment, many speculated that Chrysler is going to do one better and that is to be the first brand in the world that offers a full EV minivan with a fun-filled performance.

Well, these speculations have been shot down by Fiat-Chrysler’s chief, Sergio Marchionne. The lad went public earlier today to announce on FCA’s stance on the EV trend and he mentioned that EV is not economically viable.

Sergio shared that a great amount of fossil fuels are still used to develop EVs hence the technology is not exactly clean like how many indicated it to be. He then used this as a reminder to why many should not get the Fiat 500e for green reasons.

If this is to mean anything, Sergio won’t be rushing to pursue full EV powertrains as he won’t see the point into doing so at the present moment.