FCA’s Trackhawk Forcing Charger Demon Into A Hold?

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After founding success with the Challenger Demon, Dodge has moved on to reveal that they are pumped out for newer projects. There is no telling on what Dodge meant when they made such quotes and rumours are suggesting it to be a teaser for the Charger Demon.

It’s an expectation that isn’t impossible for Dodge to pull off as the Charger has always followed the path of the Challenger. But then again, Fiat-Chrysler’s greater focus on utility vehicles may force the Charger Demon into a lengthy delay.

The recent 5-year plan has already teased on this happening when FCA revealed that their next major vehicle is going to be a RAM Rebel TRX. If that is not exciting enough, you should note that Jeep is about to launch the Scrambler and the pickup truck is likely to arrive with the Trackhawk.

With the Trackhawk getting all the attention at the moment, it may leave the Charger Demon in a wait that largely depends on the market’s demand.