Ferrari 488 Turns Physically Violent Against Lamborghini

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Most of us have heard about the fable on how Lamborghini opened shop and if you are clueless about it, here’s how it goes. Briefly sharing, Mr. Lamborghini was chased off by Ferrari and it resulted in him building his own line of supercars.

The fable created this imagination where a Lamborghini car can’t see eye-to-eye with Ferrari so when their vehicles cross-path with each other, the situation tends to get ugly.

A major incident occurred earlier today at a local track and it saw the Ferrari 488 hammering the front of a Lamborghini. The force of impact is quite huge but everyone in the scene managed to escape unhurt. But of course, the crash happened by total accident as the Ferrari skidded on the wet roads.

You can check out the full happening in the short clip embedded below: