Ferrari Crossover Project Is Full Of Contradictions

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Many are not a fan of Sergio Marchionne due to the lad having a strong track record for making greatly unpopular decisions. Well, things got a lot worst today when Sergio publically announced that the rumored Ferrari Crossover Project is true.

The lad revealed that Ferrari wants to have a crossover because it is eyeing to become the king of utilitarian objectives. The aim here is to be the best brand on every popular segment but at the cost of the auto fans worldwide.

Ferrari is a prestigious, iconic and exotic supercar maker that never looked like moving away from its traditional ways of developing cars. Sergio once praised this aspect of Ferrari before claiming that the brand won’t follow the crossover trend that has hit the industry.

Today, the opposite has happened and it is for no reason at all. Some iconic carmakers resorted to developing utility vehicles in a bid to finance their primary cars. Ferrari has been recording astronomical profits so there is no need for financial strengthening. Could it be because of the Lamborghini Urus.