Ferrari FUV: Going Against Tradition To Break Records!

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It is official. Ferrari has confirmed that they are building their first ever sports utility vehicle although the carmaker would prefer to call it the FUV instead of an SUV.

Despite going against their tradition of building exotic supercars, Ferrari has pledged to ensure that the driving experience will remain the same in the FUV – much like what Porsche did in regards to the Cayenne.

Either way, not everyone is please that the FUV is happening and some of them still question the real reason behind the decision to stray away from tradition.

If you’re among them, you should know that Ferrari approved the FUV project solely because of profits. It’s pretty obvious actually and this is especially when you can see that SUVs are moving in great numbers. The profit potential with the FUV is purely positive.

All we can say is that the FUV will make it rain gold for Ferrari and it will also break records while at that. Ferrari latest quarterly earning saw a new record high of $178m under the Q1 category and this is without the FUV. When the FUV arrives, the numbers are expected to soar to even greater heights.

The worst possible outcome in this entire scenario is to see Ferrari losing a portion of its prestige and end up being a carmaker like Porsche. It’s still not too bad unless you’re truly a diehard Ferrari purist.