Ferrari FUV May Not Be An Italian Porsche Cayenne

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If you can recall the early 2000s, Porsche did something nobody expected and it is the creation of the Cayenne. After decades of making pure sports cars, Porsche shook the world by going against tradition to produce the SUV.

The move led many loyalists losing respect at Porsche but they have since forgiven the carmaker after realizing that the Cayenne has saved the company from financial doom. If that is not good enough, Porsche did a mighty fine job at ensuring their tradition of developing sports cars never changed.

This brings us to Ferrari – an Italian exotic supercar manufacturer that is inching closer to release an SUV. Ferrari went back on their words in not picking up the SUV trend after announcing on the FUV and many were quick to speculate a Porsche Cayenne 2.0 happening.

While there may be potential for Ferrari to replicate Porsche past actions, we can still argue that the Italian carmaker is aiming for a different outcome with the FUV. In our mind, the FUV will have to goals to achieve. The first is to boost profits and please the investors. The second is the creation of the term exotic in the SUV realm.

At current moment, there is no such thing as an exotic SUV. If the Ferrari FUV can change that by becoming like the 488 in the trendy segment, it can perhaps stop the haters from blasting the company in going against tradition.