Fiat 124 Spider: Is Mazda Regretting Sharing MX-5 Now?

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The latest generation Fiat 124 Spider’s arrival was met with mixed reaction from the crowd and this is partly due to the car being based on the Mazda MX-5 Miata. Also, some reviewers graded the 124 Spider lower than the MX-5 to protect the iconic roadster it is based on.

Well, today, we can confirm that the 124 Spider has leaped above the MX-5 Miata after the vehicle recorded faster lap times than the roadster from Japan. The 124 Spider stepped into Car&Driver Lightning Lap test and it saw the vehicle clocking faster lap times than the MX-5 Club.

On papers, the 124 Spider is not as strong as the MX-5 Club since it has 164hp and is considerably heavier than the MX-5 Club. On the track however, the 124 Spider is a beast of a roadster as it can handle the turns better than the MX-5 Club and this makes it the superior car on the track.