Fiat 124 Spider Trashes Mazda MX-5 Club & Subaru BRZ: It’s An Upset!

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Those that have been looking down on the Fiat 124 Spider may find this hard to swallow but the car is proven to be faster than the Mazda MX-5 Club and the Subaru BRZ with Performance Package.

The 124 Spider, in its Abarth suit, competed on C&D’s Lightning Lap and it saw the vehicle completing the course in amazing time of 3:16.9. This is about 3 seconds faster than the MX-5 Club and 4 seconds faster than the Subaru BRZ.

The timing is something we never expected, especially since the 124 Spider Abarth is a car that is based on the MX-5. Also, the vehicle is far behind the BRZ in terms of power count.

The 124 Spider Abarth has 164hp and it is heavier than the MX-5. Furthermore, the 124 Abarth has a 6.7 seconds 0-60mph rating, which is slower than the other two sports cars. You can check out the hot lap attempt below.

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  1. Nick V

    September 11, 2017 at 4:35 pm

    Italian cars were always in the top league with regards to performance.
    They managed to get more up per cc than other manufacturers of that era.
    The original 124 of 1966 had 110bhp from its 1400 dohc engine.
    Why are you surprised?