Fiat 500e Is Making Its Maker Financially Unhappy!

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It is one thing to build a car to sell it at a loss and another to complain about that loss. Many carmakers have that one vehicle where they sell for the negatives but in return, they get to pursue volume sales which can return their investments in the future to come.

This particular method will not necessarily work on all vehicles and unfortunately, the Fiat 500e is one of them. The 500e is an electric-powered hatchback in Fiat-Chrysler’s camp but it is unable to capture the target volume set by its maker.

Today, FCA’s boss Sergio Marchionne hit that tipping point and he decided to unhappily announce it to the world. Sergio revealed that the company is selling the 500e at $20,000 loss per unit and he is unhappy that the 500e was forced to happen.

Sergio stood firm in claiming that the 500e is not the solution to reducing emissions and this is why he would have snubbed its development entirely if there is an option to do so. It probably sounds unfair for FCA but someone should tell them to stop whining and start competing already.