Fiat-Chrysler: Google Support Can Work Out Well

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Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles may be getting a lot of recognition in recent times for producing some wonderful performance cars but when it comes to sales, FCA is still struggling to make a comeback.

The good news today is that FCA is now out of the bottom pile in the sales chart after they recorded some impressive figures in April last month. This is really positive as FCA can now focus on keeping the momentum going and hope that their deal with Google can have an immediate impact in the future.

FCA has collaborated with Google to produce their in-car technologies for future models. Among them is an infotainment system that fully runs on an Android tablet. Such an offering will give FCA an edge over rival companies, which are still struggling with the phone pairing system Android Auto.

As such, FCA now carries a huge prospect for success in the future, even if things are not looking like it at the moment.