First Look At Mazda’s Volkswagen Arteon Killer

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About a year ago, we shared with you a rough sketch from Mazda that hints on the development of a 4-door coupe and today, this sketch has morphed into a concept.

Called the Vision Coupe Concept, the vehicle looks beautiful and it can be the real deal if Mazda can equip it with the right mechanical combination. A quick glance at the concept and you will immediately notice that the Vision Coupe Concept is largely based on the Mazda6.

Our idea of the right recipe for success is with having RWD, a SkyActiv-X engine and an updated interior. These are some great things that are not out of reach for Mazda since they already have the SkyActiv-X engine and RWD being offered with the MX-5.

All that is left is for the interior technology to get a new infotainment and it has to be one that is preloaded with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

Should Mazda be able to deliver just that, then we don’t see why the Vision Coupe Concept can’t give the Volkswagen Arteon a run for its money. Volkswagen has long dominated the 4-door coupe market in the affordable segment with the CC and they now have the Arteon to extend their success.

At the moment, there is no real competitor for the Arteon and this could be the motivation which Mazda needs to turn the Vision Coupe Concept into a production car.