Ford Bronco, EcoSport: The Big Surprise For LA?

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We are days away from the annual LA Auto Show and we are still clueless on what Ford has in-store for the event. Other carmakers have already confirmed on the unveilings which they will make at LA whereas Ford is still being secretive on the matter.

The only things we have heard from Ford are the new Lincoln vehicles that will debut in LA and also the upcoming Ranger. Even so, Ford may delay the midsized pickup truck until Q1 next year.

If you are to look at previous motoring events, anytime a carmaker behave quietly will always lead to the unveiling of something stellar. If this is going to be the case for Ford, what sort of surprise can we expect from the company in LA?

There is no certain answer but rumours are rife in claiming that Ford will introduce a new subcompact crossover in the US called the EcoSport. The EcoSport is already being sold globally and Ford has found the vehicle to be the best replacement for the ‘discontinued’ Fiesta.

Then there is the Ford Bronco. Ford has said before that they are reviving the Bronco through a new-generation model but they have yet to offer any preview for the vehicle. It is not like the Ranger where Ford has offered plenty of teasers.

With the Bronco still being a pure mystery, Ford can certainly steal the show in LA by offering an early look at the next-gen Bronco.

As exciting as this sound, the above is based on rumours hence you should take it with a grain of salt. We would love to hear what you wish to see coming from Ford in LA.