Ford Bronco: Open Market Potential Tempting Toyota Into Revival

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There have been a lot of talks linking the Ford Bronco into making a return before 2020, after more than two decades of being an absentee. The iconic 4×4 from the past will be coming back guns blazing and analysts are all predicting the end of the Wrangler monopoly.

The Jeep Wrangler has taken full advantage of the Bronco’s absence into becoming the bestselling 4×4 SUV around. The Wrangler turned into the most trusted name in this department that it shuts the door for rival carmakers to compete with it.

For Toyota, the Bronco’s return may carry a huge significant since it carries the potential to open up the affordable 4×4 SUV market. Toyota used to have the FJ Cruiser but the vehicle ended its tenure early due to the lack of opportunities in the market.

Hence, if the Bronco is to live up to its expectation, Toyota can also join in the competition by reviving the FJ Cruiser. While no confirmation is offered just yet, rumors are rife in claiming that the future FJ Cruiser will be an SUV version of the Toyota Tacoma. Are you excited?