Ford Bronco Return Gives Toyota Inspiration

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Toyota may be the world’s largest automotive manufacturer but even a company of such a stature is not doing too well at the moment. Toyota revealed that they have experienced a decline due to the poor exchange rates and also because some of their cars are not hitting off.

Toyota, however, responded positively by saying that they need to be more aggressive in the near future to turn their fortunes around. This means that Toyota must focus on producing more performance vehicles, decent-looking green cars and also more SUVs.

Seeing that Toyota’s plans for the near future is near similar to that of Ford, the Japanese carmaker may just bring back the FJ Cruiser from the dead. The FJ Cruiser wasn’t able to make it big in the past due to the popularity of the Jeep Wrangler in the 4×4 SUV segment. However, knowing that the returning Ford Bronco can change the 4×4 landscape entirely, bringing out a new FJ Cruiser can prove to be positive.

If our prediction is spot on, the next FJ Cruiser will ditch its quirky profile in favor of a something more straightforward. This means having a body-on-frame structure and powertrains borrowed from the Tacoma. Would you like to see this happen?