Ford Bronco Won’t Return In 2018, Here’s Why

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It is no secret that the Bronco is going to make a return through a new generation model and many expected this to happen this year. Reports were rife in claiming that Ford will pull the curtains off the new Bronco at the 2018 Detroit Auto Show but unfortunately, that didn’t come true.

This is one of the biggest sign that the next-gen Bronco won’t get released in 2018 as many would like it to be. To further back this up, Ford is still pending to bring out the new Ranger here in the US and delays to the midsized pickup truck will only extend the wait for the Bronco.

The Ranger has already made its unveiling last year whereas Ford has not shown anything in regards to the Bronco. This basically means that the Ranger will arrive ahead of the Bronco and that is expected to happen this year.

As for the Bronco, the vehicle will eye a 2019 debut and it is expected to be based on its South American twin the T4 Troller. We will be greatly surprised if the Bronco gets launched in 2018.