Ford Diesel Pressure Brings EV Confirmation!

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Ford has got some big plans for 2018 and some that are worth mentioning include the next-gen Ranger and the Bronco. Both rugged all-terrain vehicles are some of the most anticipated names in the market right now and they are also expected to arrive with a diesel mill as an added option.

This is great news for the large majority of utility fans as having diesel around will hand both the Ranger and the Bronco a wider market reach. But unfortunately for Ford, things didn’t start well for them in 2018 as they faced allegations over cheating their emission on their current diesel-powered vehicles.

While a hearing is pending to happen, Ford was quick to respond by saying that all their diesels are approved products and they car clean. The allegations were loud but Ford was louder in saying that they won’t be changing their plans for 2018 at all.

Well, that was the case until today when Ford decided to reveal that they have invested $11 billion on green technology and they are hoping to launch 40 new EV models by 2020. 40 is a large number of models hence it greatly suggests that every existing Ford vehicle is going to get an EV makeover.

The timing of the announcement could also be an act to restore faith in the brand, which has got its reputation being questioned following the diesel allegation.