Ford Ecosport: Justifying Fiesta’s Exit!

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The Ford Fiesta is one of the most recognized name in the auto industry and this is owed to the widespread positive reviews which it has received from major reviewers. In addition to that, the Fiesta has won numerous award for having a superb balance in power and fuel economy.

All is certainly great with the Fiesta but its subcompact structure isn’t getting a lot of love here in the US. Recent months have shown that the Fiesta is going through a decline and Ford is no longer willing to keep hold of the car.

Ford made it clear that the Fiesta, along with the Fusion and Taurus, will be exiting the local market permanently. It’s a necessary move to make simply because consumers in the US are now favoring crossovers and SUVs. This also explains why Ford remarked that the all-new subcompact crossover, the Ecosport, is filling in for the Fiesta.

April last month justified this decision further as Ford managed to move more Ecosport than the Fiesta. In figures, 5,277 Ecosport were sold and this is about 2,000 units more than the Fiesta. The difference is huge and the numbers offer a strong explanation for the Fiesta’s imminent exit.