Ford Ecosport To Debut With ST Trim?

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The annual Detroit Auto Show is less than a week away and we can’t wait to check out what Ford has in store for the public. The Blue Oval company has already made it clear that they will unveil a number of new vehicles and the list will include the next-gen Mustang GT500 and Ranger.

One other name that will take the stage at Detroit is the Ecosport and this is a vehicle which enthusiasts are not interested in checking out. It cannot be helped as the Ecosport is a crossover from Ford and it will be filling in the void left by the Fiesta.

The latter is a fan-favourite subcompact hatchback hence seeing it getting replaced by yet another crossover feels heart-breaking. Seeing that driving fans are less interested in the Ecosport, Ford may decide to go all out and launch the crossover with the ST trim.

Dubbed as the Ecosport ST, the vehicle will bring greater speed and performance although they may not be as stellar as a Fiesta ST. The idea was teased on Ford’s Facebook page and they are hoping that it will lead to a warm reception for the Ecosport as a whole.

On the other hand, the tease could be referring to a completely different vehicle – something which we hope to be the case because we just don’t find the Ecosport interesting.