Ford Ecosport vs Mazda CX-3: Which Is Better?

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Ford has already confirmed that they will commence selling the Ecosport this year at the cost of the Fiesta. Many see this as a mistake since the Fiesta is the more attractive choice and to know for sure, we have decided to compare the Ecosport with one of the best subcompact crossover, the CX-3.

The latter is a vehicle from Mazda and it is widely praised for having a driver’s built despite belonging in an ‘anti-driver’ segment. A fully equipped CX-3 retails from $26,240 and it runs on AWD. Things are pretty similar for the Ecosport, although the fully loaded version may cost a little more at $27,240. So which is better?

Seeing that Ford has yet to bring out the Ecosport, we can’t tell on how comforting the cabin will be. All we can say is that anything that is more spacious than the CX-3 would make the Ecosport a winner. The CX-3 has a pretty limited cabin space despite having a high quality interior.

Moving on to performance, both the Ecosport and the CX-3 have the same engine capacity – 2L. The former’s mill can develop 166hp and 149ft-lbs of torque whereas the latter can churn out 146hp and 146ft-lbs of torque.

Based on this alone, the Ecosport is likely to pack more punch but the CX-3 would win it when it comes to power-fuel economy balance. The latter has proved its worth as it offers a nice performance and the ability to return up to 32mpg.

But as mentioned before, everything on the Ecosport is pending to get finalized by Ford. Until that happens, we feel like the CX-3 is the winner here and Ford should have stood loyal to the Fiesta.