Ford F-150 Automatic Failures All-Set For Third Act!

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Anyone that follows the Ford F-150 closely must know about the transmission issue that has been plaguing the pickup truck. The issue is so huge that Ford has recalled the F-150 multiple times but even today, the situation is still unsettled.

As a refresher, the issue is with the automatic gearbox fitted on the F-150 that tends to shift into first gear unexpectedly. This problem is allegedly the cause of multiple road crashes thus stressing the importance of the recalls.

The last recall on the F-150 occurred 2 years ago and it involved a total of 153,000 vehicles – including a number of other models like the Expedition and the Mustang. But those recalls are made on vehicles produced from 2014-2016.

Today, NHTSA revealed that they want Ford to call back the F-150 from 2011 to 2013 as they are suspected to carry the same fault. Ford is expected to offer a response on this within weeks from now.