Ford F-150 Claims Top Truck Trophy Like Walking In A Park!

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2017 is approaching its end and this is the time for every automotive outlet to name their best vehicle picks from this year. Popular automotive reviewer, Motor Trend, is already ahead of things as they have named their winners across various categories.

The results from Motor Trend are pretty surprising but this is with the exception of the pickup category. Motor Trend never second-guessed naming the Ford F-150 as their winner and it is a result that is predictable.

In the full-sized pickup truck category, the F-150 sells best and it is also rated highly for the performance which it has to offer. There have also been several on-road and off-road comparisons made on the F-150 with its rival vehicles and it saw the Ford pickup truck coming out on top.

It is perhaps safe to say that the F-150 is the best pickup truck around with no other vehicle being able to come close to its offerings.