Ford F-150 Commences Diesel Wars As GM & FCA Look To Follow

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Recent years have seen diesels being at the center of several automotive controversies but that hasn’t stopped Ford from equipping the F-150 with a diesel powertrain.

Despite knowing that diesels are greatly unpopular here in the US, Ford went through with their decision with the hopes of expanding the F-150’s market reach.

Earlier today, Ford revealed that the F-150 Diesel has officially become the first full-sized pickup truck to achieve 30mpg in stock form. This achievement has sent pickup truck fans on overdrive as they are excited to try out the F-150 in diesel outfit.

It even led to a quick response from rival GM, which revealed that their 6-pot diesel for the future Silverado will be able to achieve greater economy. FCA wasn’t quiet on the matter too as they revealed that the diesel RAM pickup truck is still in the plans despite the diesel scandal probe they are currently facing.

So with all the hate on diesel in recent years, pickup truck manufacturers in the US are still leaning towards the product for the near future.