Ford F-150 Forces FCA To Hit Panic Button For Ram 1500

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vYesterday, Ford announced on their next big project and that is electrification. The Blue Oval company revealed that they want to launch seven new hybrids and EVs by 2020 and one of the models will be the ever popular F-150.

It is a pretty exciting thing to look forward to as we can’t imagine how a rugged light duty truck like the F-150 will perform when operating on a hybrid system. The hybrid trim will be introduced with the next-gen F-150, which is scheduled to arrive around the same time as the next-gen RAM 1500.

Now we all know that RAM is busy developing a Hellcat-powered 1500 Rebel TRX but following that, they may consider bringing out a green RAM 1500 to keep up with the F-150 Hybrid.

Rumours are already indicating that work is in progress for the RAM 1500 Hybrid and it will see the vehicle running on a 5.7L V8 engine that will work together with a couple of electric motors. The system will be much like the ones on the Chrysler Pacifica.

While rumours should be taken with a grain of salt, the above sounds likely to take shape in the near future. But of course, we would prefer to wait for an official confirmation from RAM regarding the 1500 Hybrid.