Ford F-150 Haunted By Lingering Door Issue!

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It seems that doors are something Ford can’t produce without any issues as recent years have seen a number of Ford-produced vehicles getting recalled due to the doors opening without warning.

Today, that same door issue made its return and this time, it is through the F-150. The ever-popular pickup truck was discovered to have a problematic door latch and this can lead to the doors opening without warning thus putting the driver and other road users at risk of a crash.

As much as Ford hates it, they are now being forced to perform a massive recall on the affected F-150 and a whopping 1.3 million units are suspected to carry the fault.

The recall affects 2015-17 F-150s built in Dearborn (between March 12, 2014, and December 31, 2016) or Kansas City (Aug 11, 2014, through December 30, 2016). Owners of the affected F-150 are currently being notified of the recall order.