Ford F-150 Hybrid Paints Poor Picture Of Chevy Silverado

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Hybrid pickup trucks are not exactly new in the automotive industry as we have seen several pioneer models getting released in very limited numbers about a decade ago. But when it comes to full-blown hybrid pickups, we may be seeing it turning into a norm by 2020.

Ford fired the first shot in this department when they confirmed on the development of the F-150 Hybrid through a recent interview with Ford Authority. The pickup truck is said to adopt a pure hybrid system that is tailored for maximum performance as well as fuel economy. The exact setup and figures are unknown at the moment but we can look forward to seeing a concept soon.

With the F-150 boarding the electrification train, what can we expect of the Silverado Hybrid? We mentioned earlier about the pioneer hybrid pickup trucks and among them is the Silverado Hybrid. The latter was launched back in 2004 but it utilizes a mild hybrid system where the only perks are start-stop functions and extra torque on the rear wheels.

The next-gen Silverado is expected to arrive sooner than the F-150 Hybrid and with Ford already announcing on the F-150 Hybrid, we can expect GM to retaliate with a full-blown electrified Silverado. But unfortunately, we can’t predict on the hybrid setup which the Silverado Hybrid will rely on, especially without knowing what the F-150 Hybrid is planning to offer.