Ford F-150 Hybrid: What’s The Story So Far?

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It seems that Ford wasn’t kidding when they said that they want to offer a brand new F-150 and one that relies on a hybrid powertrain. Development is already in motion as we speak and today, we will be offering an update on the progress.

As how it was revealed in a private interview today, Ford said that they are now testing out the variables to identify the best system for a hybrid pickup truck. Despite being indecisive at the moment, early test results are leaning towards a new system called Lightning Hybrid.

Lightning Hybrids uses a unique hydraulic energy accumulator to provide alternative thrust for large work trucks. It is turning out to be the best choice for Ford as the new-generation hybrid system does not place a burden on the battery pack when towing. Furthermore Lightning Hybrid offers the best balance in power and fuel economy.

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The details are not known at the moment and they won’t be elaborated until an F-150 Hybrid Concept breaks its covers. That is expected to happen somewhere in 2019, a year before the vehicle’s projected release date.