Ford F-150 & Ram 1500 Ranked Less Awful For 2017

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Just because something is unreliable or unsatisfactory, doesn’t mean that it won’t sell like hot cakes. In fact, sometimes it seems as if there isn’t any correlation between customer satisfaction and sales performance.

A great example is Ford. While it may not necessarily apply to the F-150 full-size pickup, which is responsible for its being the No. 1 top-selling automaker in the US, Blue Oval ranks as the eighth worst in JD Power’s 2017 Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI).

This should come as good news for the Dearborn brand as it was ranked as the sixth worst in the same study last year. Nevertheless, the ever-growing sales figures of the Ford pickup prove that it has and will remain the best-selling nameplate in the country. At present, the F-Series boasts a year-to-date sales growth of 10.4 percent.

Fiat-Chrysler’s Ram tells a similar story. Despite being one of the most infuriating and unreliable brands in the automotive market – at least according to popular studies – its pickup trucks still attract many buyers.

The Ram pickup truck nameplate is currently cruising on a 4.5 percent year-to-date sales growth so far this year; this despite Ram being ranked the worst (yes, rock-bottom) automaker in last year’s JD Power CSI list.

Much like Ford, the good news for Ram is that it’s no longer the worst this year, as it has moved up two spots to sit above Jeep and Fiat in this year’s study. It’s nothing to be proud about, but at least the brand has fared a little better this time around.