Ford F-150 Readies Model Quicker Than 450hp Raptor

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If you think that the Ford F-150 Raptor is the fastest F-150 around, you are wrong. The Raptor may have injected more power into the F-150 but it didn’t exactly reach out to the pickup truck’s full power potential.

This was confirmed today when independent tuner, Roush, announced that the F-150 Raptor can achieve faster speed while keeping the same powertrain. Roush went on their Facebook page to quote that the F-150 Nitemare will further enhance on the Raptor that it will allow the vehicle to become the world’s fastest production pickup truck.

While the details are not out yet, we are expecting Roush to achieve figures beyond 500hp with the F-150. This is after we learned that the last Roush-tuned F-150 came out with 445hp and 500ft-lbs of torque. For obvious reasons, Roush would want to beat their past record with this project.

It is unsure on when the tuning package will be ready but we got a gut feeling that Roush will roll out the insane F-150 early next year. Are you excited?