Ford F-150: Trouble Strikes In The Great White North

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When it comes to large pickup trucks, there is no name that is more popular than the F-150. The pickup truck from Ford is simply the number one choice around but despite being a vehicle made to take a beating, the F-150 is not completely indestructible.

Today, a new issue is found on the F-150s that were sold in Canada. It was confirmed that several F-150 were spotted with a production fault that involves the electric vacuum pump.

In detail, several F-150 produced between August 4, 2010 and October 25, 2012 at the Dearborn Assembly Plant and those built at the Kansas City Assembly Plant from Oct 25, 2010 to Aug 20, 2012 are fitted with a corroded electric vacuum pump thus deeming the part unusable.

If left unattended, the broken electric vacuum pump can cause the F-150 in a longer stopping distance on the first brake application right after a cold start.

As such, Ford Canada has decided to recall 43,600 F-150 in the country and owners are being notified of it as we speak. It is also worth noting that the affected F-150s are the ones that run on the 3.5L GTDI mill.