Ford F-150: White Paint Holds Largest Market Share!

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In case you are wondering what is the most popular color choice with the Ford F-150, the answer is white. A study reveals that the majority of F-150 buyers chose the color white which translates to about 38% of the overall buyers.

This is not exactly surprising because there are many obvious reasons to why more F-150 buyers chose white over other colors.

For starters, Ford is charging consumers an additional $600-$900 if they are to opt a color with the F-150. For those on a tight budget, it makes sense for them to settle for white.

Furthermore, white is actually one of the most loved colors on a vehicle hence the choice could be down to color-favoritism.

Last but not least is fleet sales. With white being cheaper and ‘pure’ from the factory, fleet buyers are not bothered into getting a color other than white with the F-150 bulk purchase. This basically pushes the number of white F-150 upwards.