Ford F-150’s Success Inject Confidence On Next Jeep Wrangler

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The latest generation Ford F-150 surprised everyone when it came out with an all-aluminium body and the more shocking bit is that the pickup truck ended up being a bestseller. This is great news because it allows us to have more confidence on the next-gen Jeep Wrangler.

The future Wrangler looks set to make its debut in the first half of next year and it will be coming out with an aluminium body. The Wrangler purists are highly critical of this because the Wrangler has long served them as a rugged 4×4. The change to aluminium may destroy that legacy.

Well, after seeing the F-150 still being able to take a beating on the rugged roads, we don’t see why Jeep can’t enjoy any success with the aluminium Wrangler. If you still need more assurance, the aluminium will be limited to the hood and a handful few other parts of the body.

We are confident that the next-gen Wrangler can pull through. But of course, we will need to wait until Jeep unveils the next-gen Wrangler before we can get any certainties.