Ford F-250 Hilariously Mistaken For An F-150!

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Pickup truck is a vast segment in the automotive industry and it is often the full-sized pickups that are able to grab the headlines.

This explains why the Ford F-150 is significantly more popular than every other pickup truck variant which Ford has produced hence it is not impossible for an individual to mistake the F-150 for a larger, say, the F-250.

To prove this point, popular reviewer Doug DeMuro had just released his review on the F-250 Platinum pickup truck and the first thing he mentioned in the clip is “This is the F-150”.

Doug is looked up to for having some of the best reviews around but even that can’t save him from making a silly mistake. Heck, we even admit to making some typing mistakes in our daily job. It just happens or we won’t be humans.

Either way, Doug’s mistake turned into a joke on automotive forums and he responded with more giggle-attracting comments. It reads as follow:

“Yeah — this is the biggest mistake in history. Not because it matters, but because I am literally going to get 4 million tweets, e-mails, Facebook posts, Reddit comments, Instagram replies, and text messages about it. Even though I only said it once. I now brace for impact.”