Ford F-250 Plagued By Jeep Grand Cherokee Killing Issue

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The Jeep Grand Cherokee is a nice SUV to have but it is not an entirely perfect vehicle. The Grand Cherokee also has a list of production flaws and the most popular one is with the gearbox.

In case you are unaware, there was a period of time last year when the Grand Cherokee failed to engage into park and this led to the death of several individuals. The issue sparked a lot of worries in the automotive industry but thankfully, Jeep managed to fix the problem for good.

Today, the same issue has returned but this time, it is on the Ford F-250. The super heavy duty pickup truck from Ford is reported being unable to engage into park. In some cases, owners of the F-250 found their pickup truck rolling away right after alighting the vehicle.

The good news here is that Ford is not taking any chances and they are now recalling the F-250 in a bid to fix the issue for good. Ford quoted that a damaged park rod actuating plate might not achieve mechanical park within the automatic transmission after the driver moves the shift lever to park.

About 52,608 F-250 are suspected to carry the fault and they are now being recalled for a fix. It is also worth noting that the recall only affects the F-250 that runs on the 6.2L engines and are produced between October 9, 2015, and March 30, 2017.