Ford F-450: Sorry Mercedes-Benz X-Class, You’re Cheap!

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The all-new Mercedes-Benz X-Class is a vehicle which many believe is the lowest point for the luxury carmaker and this is because there is little on the X-Class that truly represents Mercedes-Benz.

Sure, the X-Class may have a decent performance, design and great towing capacity but the vehicle is nowhere near the level of a pure American pickup truck. Just take the F-150 as an example. The pickup truck from Ford can do better pickup truck activities better than the X-Class.

Ford is aware of this and they are probably not happy with the X-Class being labeled as a luxury pickup truck. Sure, the X-Class may not be available here in the US but that is not stopping the pickup lovers from labelling the X-Class as an overpriced vehicle.

Perhaps, this is why Ford has suddenly decided to develop a new F-450 and it will be one that retails above $100,000. This beast of a truck is poised to create a new pricing record and it will hope to come out packed with all the best hauling features as well as luxuries.

Some would say that this is an unnecessary move from Ford but the carmaker is still convinced that there are potential buyers with the F-450. On top of that, the F-450 can expose the X-Class for being poor on all fronts.