Ford F-Series Outsold Toyota RAV4, Camry Combined!

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When we speak of sales, Toyota will automatically spawn in our mind. It cannot be avoided as Toyota is the world’s biggest car manufacturer and they are often, if not always, at the top of the sales charts.

Here in the US, the situation isn’t too different from the rest of the world as Toyota is able to hold onto 3 spots in the overall top 10 sales charts. As usual, the RAV4 and the Camry are the bestsellers in their respective segments and both vehicles held onto the third and fourth spot on the overall sales charts.

It’s a pretty sweet achievement for Toyota but it is still far behind what Ford has achieved with just one group of vehicles – the F-Series. The F-labelled pickup trucks from Ford has actually outsold both the RAV4 and Camry combined, and on both April 18 sales as well as YTD sales.

In figures, a total of 73,104 F-trucks were sold in April last month whereas the YTD numbers stood at 287,295. This is considered a big deal because the runner-up is the RAM Pickup and it only managed 39,252 units sold last month and 143,216 units on the YTD.

It’s just crazy to see a quarter-of-a-million F-Series pickup truck sold for the second year running.