Ford F-Truck: Great Hustling Left Hummer For Destruction

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Hummer is an iconic name in the automotive industry and this is despite of its inactivity in recent years. Some would say that Hummer was forced out of the market due to its poor business management and there are those who would say that Hummers are overrated.

With talks about Hummer making a return getting louder with every passing day, it made us look back at the past and see the good times with the brand. Everything went well until we came across a video which shows a Ford F-250 hustling a Hummer.

Both vehicles were competing in a classic tug-o-war and the first round saw the Hummer claiming victory due to the F-250 being locked into the rear wheels. The second round saw the F-250 relying on all four wheels and it saw the Hummer losing badly. You can check out the clip of the incident below.