Ford Fiesta vs Ecosport: Defying The Power Shift!

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It is no secret that Ford is not releasing the next-gen Fiesta here in the US and the carmaker even admitted that their plan is to replace the vehicle with the Ecosport.

The latter is a subcompact SUV and the popularity of SUVs here in the US has led Ford to making the bold decision of axing the Fiesta. The goal here is simply to enjoy greater sales but January last month shared a different story.

Despite the imminent axing of the Fiesta, consumers continue to shop for the subcompact hatchback and it led to the vehicle enjoying its best January sales since 2014. A total of 3,775 Fiesta were sold in the US last month and this is really positive for the car.

Meanwhile, Ford has started delivering the Ecosport to early adopters and the subcompact SUV only managed 500 units sold in its early days. If the pace of sales is to remain unchanged throughout 2018, we may see Ford reverse their decision in the axing of the Fiesta. Fingers crossed.