Ford Fiesta: When Consumers Get Defiant Towards US Exit!

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Reports have all confirmed that the next-gen Fiesta won’t get sold here in the US as Ford is unconvinced that the car can sell well.

Ford was reportedly saying that the subcompact hatchback scene is a niche market here in the US and it is not in their best interest to put a lot of emphasis on this section of the industry.

Ford may not have any big expectations for the subcompact market but that is not stopping the consumers from adopting a brand new Fiesta. October last month saw the Fiesta outselling the Honda Fit but the YTD figures are still narrowly behind 2016.

We still see this is a respectable accomplishment because the Fiesta is an old subcompact hatchback and it is still wanted by the market. This should have been an indication that the new Fiesta deserves to be sold here in the US and we certainly hope Ford changes their mind.