Ford Focus RS: Everything There Is To Know About Recall Fix!

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The Ford Focus RS is a great affordable sports hatchback but it is not free from production faults. Early adopters of the Focus RS learned this the hard way when they found their coolants being sucked dry by the engine.

An investigation has found that there is a leak with the gasket which could’ve been avoided with better product design. Either way, the damage has been done and Ford had just announced on a fix for it.

The recall will involve every Focus RS built between August 3, 2015 and July 6, 2017 and owners are being notified of it. Ford added that they will replace the cylinder head gasket before performing pressure-testing on the coolant system. The pressure test is required to identify the damage and replace the broken parts.

Ford concluded by warning owners to adhere to the recall as they will deny coverage of any issues pertaining to the above once the recall period has ended.