Ford Focus RS Gets Secretly Cheaper In Canada!

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It has been 2 years since Ford launched the Focus RS here in North America and prices of the car is still really high for the average consumers. Aside from the usual dealer markups, the Focus RS is listed with an MSRP of about $42,000 on Ford’s US website and this is considered too high for the average buyers.

However, over in Canada, the Focus RS has gotten a lot cheaper than before and not many have been made aware of this. Back when the car made its debut, the Focus RS has a sticker price of about CAD$62,000.

If you are to do the same check again, you will be surprised upon seeing the price tag for the Focus RS dropping to a new low of about CAD$50,000. This is a drastic drop in value and it all happened without any notice for the public.

Nobody knows exactly why the price has dropped by a significant margin in Canada but if you’re to ask us, we would say that the Focus RS is not selling well in Canada and dealers are desperate to remove the car from their lots in favor of sellable inventories.