Ford Focus RS: Getting Used May Take Longer Than It Seems

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The thing about Ford’s performance cars is that they tend to lose value quickly and this is with the exception of the Ford GT. An example would be with the Focus ST. The car loses almost 50% of its value in the pace of 3 years and this is beneficial for the used car goers.

If you are hoping for the Focus RS to drop in value by a similar margin, you may as well look elsewhere because this is unlikely to happen. A market analyst predicted that the Focus RS will lose 30% of its initial value after 5 years.

“The RS is different. It won’t see that kind of depreciation; but it will see depreciation. The RS has already been seeing $5,000-10,000 or so drop or about 10-20%. In about 1-3 years it’ll be lesser. So perhaps another 10%.”

30% is not a big drop for a 5-year old model and it would lead to you paying about $25,000 for the car. This is still quite a lot especially when you consider that the Ford Focus RS is a massive performance car thus it must have gone through a lot of beating.