Ford Focus RS Is Far Ahead Of Honda Civic Type-R & VW Golf R

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Ford wasn’t joking when they revealed that they want the all-new Focus RS to be the fastest hatchback in the world. This explains why Ford is daring enough to offer the Focus RS the 2.3L EcoBoost turbo-4 engine.

The Mustang-sourced powertrain basically enable the Focus RS to develop up to 350hp and 350ft-lbs of torque. The figures are huge especially when compared to segment rivals like the Honda Civic Type-R and the Volkswagen Golf R.

Even when racing with the duo, the Focus RS felt no challenge at all as it leaves behind a huge gap. This is evident in a drag challenge conducted by CarWow and it involves the Focus RS, Civic Type-R and Volkswagen Golf R.

The race basically turned into a mismatch the moment the Focus RS launched itself from the start line. It became a battle for second place being fought over by the Civic Type-R and the Golf R. For a better idea on this, you can check out a clip of the race below.