Ford Focus RS Left Embarrassed By Stock Diesel SUV!

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Controversies and recalls aside, the Ford Focus RS is easily one of the fastest sports hatchbacks and it is affordable too. With this in mind, you would expect the Focus RS to beat most SUVs including those that are sporty in nature.

Such expectations are normal because SUVs tend to lose out on the performance front due to the need to accommodate its larger measurements and heavier body. But when going up against… say the Audi SQ7, the Focus RS will need to bring its ‘A’ game if it wants a chance at winning.

But then again, chances don’t matter if the end result can’t differ from defeat. Despite having 350hp from a tubo-4 mill and a 0.1 second ‘cheat start’ at launch, the Focus RS can’t outpace the SQ7 on the drag strip.

One would say that the SQ7 is double the power of the Focus RS due to it having a turbocharged diesel V8 engine but you will also need to consider that the SQ7 is also double in weight and aerodynamics. Words can’t describe the loss of the Focus RS hence you should check it out below.