Ford Focus RS: OEM To Blame For EcoBroke?

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The Ford Focus RS can be described as one of the best performing affordable sports cars in the market right now and this is thanks to the new 2.3L EcoBoost engine which it runs on.

But despite having proven its worth through various tracking expeditions, the Focus RS is not free from any faults and one particular problem has actually damaged the car’s progress on the sales front.

The issue which we are referring to is with the leak head gasket that leads to the engine getting flooded with coolant liquid. Ford has since announced on a fix for the matter but this is not stopping the crowd from playing the blame game.

While the entire blame should be aimed at Ford, some folks have defended the carmaker by shifting the blame to OEM parts manufacturer. This is due to the real cause of the problem which is not with the coolant design or the engine itself. Instead, it is with the structure and execution of the head gasket.

Insider reports quoted the issue to be sourced from the manufacturing company that supplies the head gasket to Ford but the carmaker manage to control the damage by stopping such parts from making its way into new production Focus RS.

Well, even if this is true and it is indeed the OEM’s fault, Ford is responsible for everything Focus RS-related and the fault is theirs to bear.