Ford Focus RS Second-Best Still Better Than Mustang V8!

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The latest Ford Mustang GT is a proven performer in the automotive industry. It is fast, powerful and reasonably priced too. The thing is that the same can be said for the latest Ford Focus RS. The latter runs on a small capacity engine but it is getting way more attention than the traditional Mustang.

It is quite surprising because the turbocharged 2.3L engine on the Focus RS is sourced from the normal Mustang and it is perceived as an inferior mill to the mighty V8 on the Mustang GT. The Focus RS can develop 350hp and 350ft-lbs of torque whereas the Mustang GT’s V8 can develop 412hp.

But then again, several performance comparison tests that involve the Focus RS and Mustang GT saw that the difference between the two is really small. The clip below is taken from Auto Evolution and it shows that the clever power management system on the Focus RS which allows the hatchback to outperform the Mustang.

This is enough to justify why there is a bigger demand for the Focus RS and also why the sports hatch is more expansive to own than the Mustang V8.